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Perfect solution for precise liquids dosing
This dosing system is recommended for plasticizers, oils, liquid wax, stearic acid and other liquid additives.

Available in standard versions or individually adapted to specific needs.

The dosing valves work in one or two stages, being one for large dosing quantities and the other for small dosing quantities.

Typical characteristics:
  • System properly equipped, such that all safety and operation requirements are taken into account.
  • ​Depending on the type of liquid, the scale can be equipped with water heating, steam heating or electric heating.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • The dosing valves are controlled by compressed air obtained from a single system with filters and valve for actuation.
  • The system needs little space.
  • Efficient and fast dosing system. 
  • Best cost - benefit ratio - increase of productivity.

Count on Zeppelin Systems Latin America to operate a liquid dosing system with precision and traceability!

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Dosing system for liquids



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